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Prenuptial Agreement Assistance

I hired attorney Rouse to help me through my pre-nup with my fiancé and her attorney. She did a great job of making sure my primary interests were protected while also helping me make compromises to keep everyone happy.

So glad I called

I called Josephia about a personal document matter and was met with a super quick response along with an array of options to accurately resolve the issue. I truly enjoyed our conversation! I could tell that she totally understood my situation. I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend her services and I definitely would want her on "MY" side in any situation!

Very knowledgeable on veterans affairs

Rouse is a wonderful attorney. She has great insight on veterans laws and rights, due to her long affiliation with the Department of Veterans Affairs. I've witnessed her legal savvy on such matters first hand. As a fellow member of the legal community, I confidently encourage anyone to contact Rouse for legal services.


Josephia was very polite and well prepared. She explained all of my options and helped me to decide what the best course of action was.

The Law Office of Josephia Rouse Esq.

We are a family law firm, focused on bringing families closure to their old lives, and building strong paths towards their new ones. We educate our families on Maryland law, common outcomes in Maryland courts and ways to resolve issues that frequently come up when families are readjusting their entire lives. 

Family Law

When a family decides to separate there are many decisions that follow which are critical to the futures of everyone involved. Our firm is driven by creating solutions that are family centered and focused on carving out the unknown future that lies ahead.

Contested Divorce

Contested Divorces require a plan, organization and common sense settlement agreements that focus on what's important to your family. We pride ourselves in focusing on common sense solutions for families struggling to plan their next move. Whether you have just separated or have been separated for a while, there are ways to move forward in your life. The Law Offices of Josephia Rouse Esq. is here to advise you and help you protect your interests as you move forward.

Child Custody and Support

The process of determining a fair custody and support agreement can be intimidating at first glance. You are faced with balancing schedules, extracurricular activities, commutes, and decision making authority. The Law Offices of Josephia Rouse Esq. is able to assist you with looking at what's working, what's not working to apply strategies Maryland Courts will stand behind if your issues go to court. 

Uncontested Divorce 

Divorces that are done by agreement are granted faster than any other type of divorce. We can assist couples who have managed to resolve the issues between them in getting a quick and stress less divorce. 

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