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You have hit a roadblock again. You've tried compromising, you've tried letting issues go, you've tried it all. Maybe it's them, maybe it's you, but either way, you need a solution so that you can move forward because life does not stop. Schools have to be chosen, medical bills have to be paid and kids have to be fed (properly that is). So you need a court order, one that is fair and considers everything your family has gone through.

It sets boundaries for:

What will be paid for by whom, when someone will have their time with the children(holidays, school closings etc.), who will be making decisions, how the parties will behave with the children and where pickups and drop-offs will occur with children.

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The Law Offices of Josephia Rouse, LLC creates comprehensive strategies through a step by step process that ensures you are taking the proper steps to resolve your custody issues before a trial even occurs.

ONE: We create a fair and comprehensive agreement that is fair, thoughtful and future-facing.

TWO: If they are not ready to agree, you must provide them with the pros and cons of your agreement, litigation and the costs of litigation.

THIRD: You must prepare for litigation.

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Throughout this process, The Law Offices of Josephia Rouse, LLC guides you through a comprehensive process to help you effectively and pragmatically get through each step while maintaining your core goal of protecting the future of your children's lives.

A court order has transformed the lives of my clients in so many ways for example:

What to expect there are court hearings, client meetings, witness preparation meetings and negotiations that occur in this child custody process, generally child custody cases occur within the following timeline.

1-30 days - Settlement Agreement sent and Request/Complaint filed with the court

30-60 days - Opposing Party notified and Court sets hearing

60-150 days - Court Deadlines and Hearings to Resolve Issues

150 - 240 days - Litigation

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